Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Keep it quick. Keep it easy.

Here's the deal, I like to break the rules. I really do. Sometimes, I eat my dessert last or I have a fully caffeinated drink at 9 pm or drive 7 miles over the speed limit. I get what the adrenaline rush is all about.

But when it comes to the DAC ARC Book Tours, we really need you to follow the rules. It makes things easier and quicker for everyone. We can all agree that quick and easy is the way to go.

Here are some common issues that have been spotted lately:

- Confusion over participation. You MUST participate with the 2012 Debut Author Challenge in order to participate with the tour. We're like sister blogs and it really steams our broccoli when you don't give us equal attention and love. Please have the button or a link or SOMETHING on your main page of the blog so we know that you're down with the program.

- Delay. Tours will move at (almost) lightning speed if you let us know the day you receive the book. If you wait 3 days to tell us it got to you, that's three less days without the address for the next stop. Multiply that times 5 and we've got serious delays going on. 

- No response. We spend time reading each and every response for those who want to read a certain book and choose people carefully. So it steams our broccoli (again!) when we select you and never hear back. We are forever thankful for those who respond with either a "I'm still interested! HOLLA" or a "I have already read this book, but thanks for emailing me!". Basically, just respond in some way, shape, or form and we're kosher.

Thanks again for all of your patience, enthusiasm and awesomeness. You all are really rad.