Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanks for keepin' it real, 2012

To all of those who participated with the DAC ARC Tours in 2012 - THANK YOU! Tara and I had a great time hosting the tours and made a few new blogging friends along the way! We're stoked you were into this idea and thank you for your participation, for getting the word out about the books and the blog, and for being genuinely awesome people. You rule.

There are some changes going forward for the challenge next year, so take note!

- The DAC 2013 is going to be hosted by Tara at Hobbitsies. She's going to do a great job because she's a great person! Kristi did a stellar job and she was ready to pass the torch into the able hands of Tara.
- The DAC ARC Tours Blog is going to be hosted by Amy from Tripping Books, Kate from Kate's Tales of Books and Bands, and Lisa from Lisa is Busy Nerding. Tara from Fiction Folio is taking a step back this year. Can we just take a minute to say THANK YOU for all of her hard work? Because seriously she was a rock star last year and listened to all of my whines and suggestions and brainstorms. She's the best forever and ever. Take a minute to either shout out to Tara on Twitter or via email or on her blog because that girl deserves it!

- Okay guys, I know you're excited to read debut ARCs. We all are! But please listen to me when I say you HAVE to follow the rules! You really need to email the tour host when the book arrives. You absolutely must send the book with Delivery Confirmation. We need to be kept in the loop because there are other peeps on the tour who are waiting for the book! You keeping us in the loop keeps us happy and keeps all of the hair from being pulled out of our pretty little heads. Please be kind and follow the rules. Have I stressed that enough? I sure hope so.
- We will NOT be allowing PO Boxes next year. This causes a huge delay with tours and it just stinks.

- Each time a new tour title goes up, we will do a blog post about it. That way you don't have to remember to come back and check - it will show up in your reader! Slick, huh? Then, when you're ready to post a review from your tour, you can leave a comment linking to your blog review so that everyone can get a peek.

- All of the blog pages have been updated for 2013. Take a look around! See what's new! Meet the new hosts and tell your friends about this blog!

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Encouragement? Hit us up in the comments or via email or Twitter!

Bring it, 2013!

- Lisa

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